Five of our Favourite Queer Valentine’s Day Cards

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Historically, Valentine’s Day has been geared toward heteronormative couples. The Huffington Post says, “Non-queer people aren’t the only ones who celebrate big occasions like weddings, births and anniversaries, so why aren’t there more cards for queer folks?” We agree!

Over the last several years, LGBTQ+ cards have slowly made their way into mainstream markets. Allison Steinberg says, “I’ll take the mediocre gay-male card over no same-sex cards at all.” On the other hand, small independent card companies have excelled in supplying LGBTQ+ Valentine’s Day cards.

At Fairy Tales Presentation Society, we believe that art should be a form of self-expression for all people.

Here are five of our favourite queer Valentine’s Day cards:

Here are five of our favourite queer Valentine’s Day cards:

Gay French Bulldog Couple

An adorable card for animal lovers! Whether your favourite breed is a frenchie or not, this card is sure to make your partner swoon!

I Love Your Cockerel Card

This card is perfect for those who just want to cut to the chase!

Homosexuwhale Gay Valentine’s Day Card

Show your favourite homosexuwhale just how much you care.

Aubergine Card

This card is perfect for the one who gets your vegetable going.

Secret Admirer Valentine’s Day Card

Send a not so subtle hint to the one you’ve been crushing on.

What are your favourite queer Valentine’s Day cards? Comment below.

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